Face treatments

All facial treatments and facial massages I perform with Babor products.

BABOR – professional skin care, luxurious experience, innovative and even more effective treatments, perfection, maximum results – it is the beauty revolution that started in 1955 in Germany.

All products from Babor are based on the latest knowledge in skin research. In line with the Babor tradition, we use pure, natural plant oils and plant extracts, as well as mainly natural active ingredients of vegetable origin. All products have a skin-friendly pH value, to protect and preserve the skin’s natural balance.

Babor express skin care

Fast and effective skin rejuvenation.
Deep cleanser adapted to your skin type, peeling that gently removes dead skin cells, followed by a delicious relaxing massage.

Babor lift express

Fantastic anti-wrinkle treatment for the busy customer who does not “have time” to lie down for more than 20 minutes. The treatments provide a good cleansing, start the circulation, peel the skin and finish with face and eye cream.

Babor classic face treatment

Classic care for any skin. Gives a clearer skin with increased vitality. Double cleanser, peeling, deep-acting ampoule adapted to your skin, mask, massage, eye cream, face cream.

Glowing treatment

Facial treatment that gives a wonderfully nice glow and a lot of moisture.
A combination of Babor Thera PRO peeling, special mask and vitamin boost that leaves the skin completely cleansed, reduces fine lines, adds moisture, gives vitamins and glow.