Kobido – Japanese facial massage

The perfect face of Japanese women is not a legend. This can be confirmed thanks to the unique Japanese Imperial Kobido facial massage, which combines aesthetics, relaxation and meditation.

Translated from the Japanese, “Ko Bi Do” means the way to preserve beauty and is one of the most effective natural methods known to improve the condition of the skin and slow down the aging process.

One of the first references to Kobido massage is found in ancient Japanese chronicles in 1472. The empress of the time, who received treatments to take care of the appearance of her skin, placed special emphasis on Kobido facial massages and described it as “the most beloved” and “incomparable ”. Kobido facial massage is a well-known and sought-after massage among Japanese nobles “so that their smooth and delicate skin resembles Sakura’s petals.”

Kobido facial massage is aimed at restoring harmony and balance in the body. The popularity of this ancient Japanese technique is due to its high efficiency. Kobido massage accelerates the recovery of deep skin layers and relaxes the facial, shoulder, neck and décolleté muscles and provides a powerful anti-stress effect. Regular massage makes the skin elastic, radiant, refreshes the skin tone, restores facial contours and tightens muscles, evens out wrinkles and removes swelling.


Main effects of Kobido massage

  • the skin becomes smoother, firmer and brighter
  • the skin tone becomes healthy and beautiful
  • tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles
  • shapes the face oval without surgery
  • removes the “stress mask”
  • prevents premature aging
  • deep relaxation of the whole body
  • muscle elasticity and tension are restored
  • relieves migraines and tension in the neck
  • activates the lymphatic system and the excretion of toxins
  • the skin’s blood circulation is restored
  • the skin’s moisture and oil balance normalizes

The result is already visible after the first massage. Cure 6 times is recommended for the permanent result, where the muscles are trained.



  • fine and deep wrinkles
  • stress, exhaustion, fatigue
  • swelling of the face
  • changes due to age
  • oily, dry, problematic skin
  • couperose
  • reduction in skin strength and elasticity
  • reduction in turgor and muscle volume
  • asymmetry in the facial muscles



  • within 2 weeks after botox injection
  • the same day as mesotherapy
  • within 7-10 days after acid peeling
  • surgical sutures
  • fever, inflammation, infectious disease
  • immediately after vaccination (*wait at least 2 days)
  • cancer, previously treated for cancer, tumour suspicion
  • face and neck operations (less that 1 month after)
  • pregnancy the first trimester
  • inflammation of lymph nodes, blood vessels, enlarged painful lymph nodes
  • skin diseases, skin rashes, skin damage, fungal diseases
  • intoxicated condition
  • acute mental disorders